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LifePoint Weekly Teaching

Aug 22, 2021

LifePoint Church is a community of Christ-followers meeting weekly in Longwood, Florida. Join us online each week for friendly people, dynamic worship, and Bible-based teaching. 


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Apr 4, 2021

LifePoint Christian Church celebrates Easter! Lead pastor Phil Ayres uses the backdrop of the church of Corinth to exam how they, like us,  have doubts about Jesus' resurrection. Paul dispels any doubt we could have by laying out solid facts of the resurrection. 

Mar 28, 2021

On this Palm Sunday at LifePoint Christian Church a unique message given by lead pastor Phil Ayres lays out several different perspectives of how to understand Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Our faith journey can only be enhanced as we listen to each perspective.

Feb 28, 2021

This morning at LifePoint Christian Church, lead pastor Phil Ayres explains this complex group of verses so that we can more fully understand many things in life that seem to be unfair. We learn about God's wisdom and righteousness and how it compares to our own.

Jan 24, 2021

Lead pastor Phil Ayres shows in the introduction to LifePoint Christian Church's new teaching series of Ecclesiastes there as so many things in just these beginning verses that can help us navigate in this crazy world.