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LifePoint Church Longwood

Apr 29, 2018

As LifePoint Christian Church continues the Biblically based financial series, Dollars & Sense, Pastor Phil's message this morning gives us 3 principles for giving. Backing each principle with Biblical references and applying them to our lives.

Apr 22, 2018

LifePoint Christian Church's teaching series, Dollars & Sense, continues as Pastor Phil's message explains the differences between saving and investing. He gives particle steps to accomplish saving for emergencies, getting out of debt and the wisdom behind investing.

Apr 15, 2018

Pastor Phil begins LifePoint Christian Church's new teaching series, Dollars & Sense, with a discussion about budgeting what God generously gives each of us. A budget is a statement of your faith. There is no better place to live out your faith than in your personal finances.

Apr 8, 2018

This morning at LifePoint Christian Church, Pastor Jan's message explains that just as we need to change the oil in our cars, we need to change the oil in our lives. We need to change our old way of thinking that are the ways of the World to the ways of Jesus. Jesus can make all things new.

Apr 1, 2018

With Easter falling on April Fool's Day, Pastor Phil presents a message that enlightens us to how the Bible talks about people who are fools as he weaves the message to address our belief in the Resurrection.