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LifePoint Church Longwood

Mar 27, 2013

What an exciting day for LifePoint Christian Church. After a long journey to find a permanent home for the church family we celebrated our first service in a new building. This path is only possible because of the path that HE walked. I hope that you are blessed by this message on Palm Sunday. God bless!

Mar 12, 2013

There's no way to grow spiritually without serving faithfully. We know that Jesus Christ was the ultimate model of servanthood so if we want to be more like him (spirtual growth) then we need to do the kind of things he did. With a new building it's more important than ever to serve each other and to serve our...

Mar 6, 2013

It's an exciting time to be a part of the LifePoint family. This last week we closed on our new campus and we plan to be in the building for our first service on March 24th. That being said, I think it's important to not only take a moment to thank God for His blessings, but also make sure we understand who we are and...