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LifePoint Church Longwood

Jan 30, 2018

Our first message in the new series "Remember These Things" our study in Deuteronomy. This is the introduction to the book.

Jan 21, 2018

Pastor Phil's message this morning is on the parables of The Hidden Treasure and The Pearl of Great Value. He challenges us: Have we done what it takes to really have a relationship with Christ? Are we looking every day for the treasure that is Christ?

Jan 14, 2018

In the message this morning, Pastor Phil explains to us why it is so important to live a life that is real, authentic and transparent. And why we need to be living invitation to God's house and the banquet that He has laid out for us.

Jan 7, 2018

As LifePoint Christian Church begins 2018, Pastor Phil's first message of the year takes us step by step through the Parable of the Sower. We have all heard this parable before but have we truly heard it with our hearts not just with our ears?