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LifePoint Church Longwood

Aug 27, 2017

Family Pastor Matt Clark teaches at LifePoint and encourages each person to see a new perspective on suffering and challenges.

Aug 20, 2017

This morning, Pastor Phil explores the many ways Jesus was a rebel - a rebel with a cause. Jesus shook up the status quo with many of his statements. These same statements can directly impact our own lives and change how we act today.

Aug 13, 2017

This morning, Pastor Phil begins a new sermon series "Who is Jesus?" Today we explore Jesus, the greatest teacher. A teacher who is relevant, creative and whose teachings have real applications to our lives today.

Aug 9, 2017

This message was given by LifePoint's Student Ministry Director, Christina Sherwin. LifePoint Student Ministry kick-off is scheduled for September 10, 2017.