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LifePoint Church Longwood

Nov 9, 2006

Does God really care what I do with the rest of my money?

Finances may seem like an unspiritual topic.  Yet two-thirds of Jesusâ?? parables spoke directly about money or possessions.  In the gospels, one of every ten verses addresses financial issues.  In all of Scripture, over 2300 verses talk about money.

Why did Jesus talk so much about money?  Perhaps He knew that material and financial distractions could become Godâ??s leading competitor for our hearts, attention, and affection. 

Godâ??s message is clear.  Without clear thinking and wise planning,
every one of us is susceptible to bondage to money
â?? a millionaire as much as a homeless person.  God wants to own our hearts.  But, for many, money (or the creditors) becomes what owns us instead of God.

Join us this Sunday as we continue THE NINETY series.  Weâ??ll look at the role of SAVINGS (Proverbs 21:20) in Godâ??s plan for our financial freedom and peace.