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LifePoint Church Longwood

Dec 3, 2023

The sermon titled "God With Us" by Pastor Phil explores the themes of God's presence, care, comfort, and salvation during the Christmas season. It emphasizes the theological depth of Christmas carols and encourages reflection on the Christmas story. The sermon highlights the significance of the name "Emmanuel," meaning "God with us," and how it demonstrates God's deep concern for humanity. It urges believers to show God's love, comfort others, and share their faith, with the assurance of the church's support. Overall, the sermon encourages believers to embody these principles and engage in further discussion and social media engagement.

00:00 - Pre-sermon
00:00 - 25 Days of Christmas
03:41 - Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel
12:33 - The comfort of the church
13:52 - God Keeps His Promises
17:49 - 3 Ways to Be Like Jesus During Christmas
22:07 - Christmas Challenge: Write Down a Lost Person's Name
26:16 - Post-sermon