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LifePoint Church Longwood

Dec 30, 2013

Ever feel like you pray but receive few (if any) answers? Does it seem like God spoke to people very clearly long ago but barely utters a word today? In this message by LifePoint Elder JJ West, we see how God speaks to us and how we can respond to Him when He does. 

Dec 15, 2013

Ever wonder what it was like to travel towards Bethlehem with only a star as your guide? In this week's message, Pastor Phil, steps into the sandals (literally) of a 1st century Magi to recount the tale. Merry Christmas!

Dec 8, 2013

Many people in today's society I'm living in darkness. Not physical darkness, but spiritual darkness. The most important question each of us must ask ourselves is, "where do I find light?" In the first message of three in this new teaching series, Pastor Phil talks about how God sent Jesus into this world to be the...

Dec 1, 2013

Lifepoint Christian Church presents:

You are the invitation! Luke chapter 14, verses 15 through 24.

Nov 24, 2013

Looking beyond the command, it is important to look on both sides of this thing we call “Baptism”. Understanding what it means to be “drenched in the Holy Spirit."