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LifePoint Church Longwood

Oct 16, 2005

Anybody need a miracle; a good dose of the supernatural? Well, if that stuff was still happening today the line would be longer than one for free debit cards in Louisiana. Too bad God doesn’t work like that anymore. Heal the sick, raise the dead, part some waters, undefeated season for the Jaguars. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Or does He? Hmmm??? Has God changed through the ages? Has His way of working in our lives and the activities of the Church taken the scenic path?

As we go RETRO and study the first century church we can’t ignore the fact that God’s supernatural power was alive and kickin’. Things happened that couldn’t be explained in human terms. So what about today? What about your life? What about in our community of faith we call LifePoint Church?

This message given at LifePoint Christian Church in Lake Mary, Florida by Lead Pastor, Steve Swan.