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LifePoint Church Longwood

Aug 14, 2005

Pop quiz. Name a handful of Sunday School lessons you heard as a kid that impacted your life. Okay, then name one. All right already, throw in church camp, youth group, private school. You can put your pencil down. Quiz over. I promise not to tell anyone your score. Mine would be embarrassing and I grew up in church and was exposed to all those educational environments.

The greatest influence upon a child is their parent who in the normal walk of life lives out a personal faith in Jesus and shares life lessons on the move about following Christ. Opportunities to teach and train pop up everywhere – at home, ball games, in the neighborhood, while shopping, watching TV or listening to the radio together, while driving in the car, during dinner, at bedtime, etc.

Message given by Steve Swan, Lead Pastor of LifePoint Christian Church.