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LifePoint Church Longwood

Dec 28, 2014

LifePoint Elder JJ West brings this Sunday's message to the congregation. 

Dec 21, 2014

Many times it feels like life if about waiting. How comfortable can you be while you have to wait on God? For the New Testament character of Simeon his whole life was about waiting. Find out why.

Dec 14, 2014

Pastor Phil speaks with LifePoint partner, Laura Martin regarding the creation of a brand new Small Groups ministry at LifePoint starting in 2015. For more information contact Laura Martin at

Dec 7, 2014

When we have the guts to ask tough spiritual questions of ourselves we unlock the Holy Spirit's power to move us forward in faith. 

Nov 30, 2014

Pastor Jan continues our series on the book of Acts in which he explains why it's impossible for Christians to fake their faith.